IEEE Hardware Competition Robot

See video of our robot putting out the fire in the most difficult room!
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News and Progress

IEEE Hardware Competition Rules

From left to right: Kevin Betchtold, myself, Amir Noel, Daisy Diaz, and Hector Gongora. Taken at the end of the hardware competition, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Contributions (in alphabetical order)

Amit Datye (extra parts), Amir Noel (Maze Construction, I2C), Daisy Diaz (Camera Research), Hector Gongora (too much to list), Isaac Moscera (Maze Construction), Kevin Bechtold (too much to list), Rick Valdez (Plastic cuts), Tano Fiegler (Maze Construction), Vish Prasad (Financial)

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More pictures coming soon!

Prototype 2-  A previous prototype of our robot design