Gizmo the Robot

Gizmo shows off his headlight system!

Gizmo the Robot is a small development robot I intend to use for various personal projects. It originally started out as a new version of Roly the Robot (Gizmo's older brother), but was completed as a project submission for UF's Intelligent Machine Design Lab. It was programmed to sort colored cans that it encounters while following a line.

See the video here (Windows Media Format, 5 MB)

More Pictures and Details!

The full report (pdf format)

Guide to building Line-Trackers (pdf format)

It features an arm designed by Hector Gongora, a CMUcam, Ultrasound Range Finders by Acroname, a Mini SSC II, as well as many custom boards designed by myself!

Here I test Gizmo's ability to see in complete darkness!

12.03.2003 William Summerfield Dubel IV