More Pictures and Details!

Hopefully someone is interested in the source code. Click here for the MPLAB project (written in C, so you'll need a C compiler). AutoCAD files and PCB files also available at request.

I had my pieces cut by, but it seems they may no longer offer that service. You can try, which offers the same service.

Gizmo's parts, unlike my previous robots, were laser cut! It saves a lot of time and the cost of all the pieces (including shipping) was $50. I was surprised by the precision of the laser cutter. Interlocking pieces fit together so well that glue is not necessary.

So what are some specs on Gizmo?

Primary Microcontroller:   

Microchip PIC16F877 @ 20 MHz

Power System:   

Panasonic 7.2 V 1550 mAh NiMH

Serial Communications:   

Bi-directional RS232 lines at 38400 bps (to CMUcam)
  Transmit line RS232 at 9600 (to servo controller)
  I2C Bus

Servo Controller:   


Obstacle Avoidance:   

Three SRF04 Ultrasound Range Finders

Motor Controller:   

Sozbots Dual H-Bridge


16x2 Backlit Display by Matrix Orbital

Here's a special mount I made so that the CMUcam would face the object at the correct angle, and have an array of bright LED's to light it's path.

That's Gizmo being assembled... many wires have yet to be added.

12.03.2003 William Summerfield Dubel IV