FCRAR 2003 – 16th Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics

May 8-9 2003, Florida Atlantic University

Conference Proceedings – Table of Contents

Day 1 – Thursday 5/8/03

Session TA1: Mobile Robots

W. Dubel, H. Gongora, K. Bechtold and D. Diaz (FIU)

“An Autonomous Firefighting Robot”

B. Landon, D. Martin, J.D. Morris, M. Morris, J. Railsback and M. Spies (FAU)

“Son of Fledging, FAU’s Second Walking Robot”

J. Reinhart, V. Khandwala, T. Shah, F. Angus, J. Burford, J. Young, L. Ross, R. Delica, B. Lynch and R. Pollard (FAU)

“Design and Implementation of Fully Autonomous Fire-Fighting Robot for a Small House Model”

A. Simon and M. Adjouadi (FIU)

“Implementation of a High Impedance Solid State Relay for Interfacing a Robotic Platform to a Computer”

J. Blanch and S. Tosunoglu (FIU)

“RC-Servo and IR-Sensor Control on Mobile Platforms”

Session TA2: Control Systems

A. Zadegan and A. Zilouchian (FAU)

“Model Reduction of Large-scale Systems Using Perturbed Frequency Domain Balanced Structure”

C. Popescu, Y. Wang and H. Zhuang (FAU)

“Stability of Delayed Networked Nonlinear systems”

K. Walchko, D. Novick and M. Nechyba (UF)

“Development of a Sliding Mode Control System with Extended Kalman Filter Estimation for Subjugator”

J. Plew, A. Arroyo and E. Schwartz (UF)

“Advances in the Application of the Evolvable Hardware Method to Autonomous Robot Design”

Session TA3: Autonomous Vehicles

J. Grzywna, J. Plew, M. Nechyba and P. Ifju (UF)

“Enabling Autonomous MAV Flight”

I. Le Goff and A. Leonessa (FAU)

“Design, Implementation and Testing of a Bio-Inspired Propulsion System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles”

K. Walchko, M. Nechyba, E. Schwartz  and A. Arroyo (UF)

“Embedded Low Cost Inertial Navigation System”

A. Leonessa, Y. Morel, M. Vidal and J. Mandello (FAU)

“Design of a Small Multi-Purpose Autonomous Surface Vehicle”

C. Frey, L. Buist, A. Kay and S. Wood (FIT)

“Development of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Sub-Ice Environmental Monitoring in Prudhoe Bay Alaska”

W. MacKunis and D. Raviv (FAU)

“A Simplistic Approach to Reactive Multi-Robot Navigation in Unknown Environments”

Session TA4: Kinematics and Dynamics

B. Zhang and C. Crane (UF)

“Development of a Passive Parallel Platform for Force Control Applications”

R. Roberts and T. Shirey (FAMU-FSU)

“Hybrid Connections of Simple Compliances”

M. Marshall and C. Crane (UF)

“Analysis of a Hybrid Tensegrity-Based Parallel Platform Device”

S. Ridgeway and C. Crane (UF)

“Optimized Kinematics of a 6-6 Parallel Mechanism Considering Position and Orientation Errors”

C. Santos-Merino and S. Tosunoglu (FIU)

“Gait design and Balance of a Modular Robot”

D. Rincon and J. Sotelo (FIU)

“Simulation and Optimization for Inchworm Like Robot Locomotion”

Session TP1:  Vision 1

D. MacArthur, E. Zawodny, M. Nechyba and C. Crane (UF)

“A Robust Boundary Line Extraction Algorithm”

J. Martiney, U. Rodriguez and M. Nechyba (UF)

“An Automated Implementation of Beamlets to Classify Frames of Triggered Lightning”

S. Darmanjian, A. Arroyo and E. Schwartz (UF)

“An Alternative Real-Time Image Processing Tool”

D. Antolovic (Chatham College, Pittsburgh PA), B. Himebaugh and S. Johnson (Indiana University, Bloomington IN)

“The Skeyeball Tracking Project”

Session TP2:   Soft Computing

S. Darmanjian, S. Kim, M. Nechyba, S. Morrison, J. Principe (UF), J. Wessberg and M. Nicolelis (Duke University NC)

“Bimodal Brain-Machine Interface for Motor Control of Robotic Prosthetic”

T. Landrin and A. Zilouchian (FAU)

“Implementation of IIR Digital Filters with LabVIEW Using Neural Networks”

Y. Zhao and E. Collins (FAMU-FSU)

“Fuzzy Logic Control of Autonomous Vehicles for parallel Parking Maneuver”

H. Zhuang, S. Wongsoontorn and Y. Zhao (FAU)

“A Fuzzy-Logic Based Trust Model and its Optimization for e-Commerce”

Session TP3:  Teleoperation and Telerobotics

J. Cui and S. Tosunoglu (FIU), R. Roberts and C. Moore (FAMU-FSU) and D. Repperger (Air Force research Laboratory, WPAFB, Ohio)

“A Review of Teleoperation System Control”

L. Miller, D. Rodriguez , K. Allen, , M. Makeev, J. Plew, M. Moore and E. Schwartz (UF)

“Firebot: Design of an Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot”

Session TP4: Education

D. Raviv (FAU)

“Learning Systematic Problem Solving: Case Studies”

I. Arroyo, A. Arroyo and E. Schwartz (UF)

“The Integration of Robotics in Grade School to Promote Interest in Math and Science”

Session TP5:  Robot Design for Special Applications

D. Cox (UNF)

“Recent Advances on the Design of a Pool-Playing Robot”

J. Martiney and A. Arroyo (UF)

“(T)ango (R)omeo (O)scar (Y)ankee: A Talking Representation of Yourself”

R. Chandler, A. Arroyo, M. Nechyba and E. Schwartz (UF)

“Robot Navigation and Textural Analysis”

A. Jain, A. Arroyo, E. Schwartz and M. Nechyba (UF)

“Our First Robot Soccer Player: Pele2”

E. Martinson, M. Miller and S. Wasi (FAU)

“The Pipe Crawler”

D. Schoenfeld, J. Tulenko, J. Kurtz and M. Keefe (UF)

“Wireless Communications for Robotics in Radiation Environments”


Day 2, Friday 5/9/03


Session FA1:  Sensors, Sensory Data Integration and Instrumentation

D. Sadhukhan and C. Moore (FAMU-FSU)

“On-Line Terrain Estimation Using Internal Sensors”

O. Masory (FAU), J. Benoit (IFMA, France), B. Wright (Palm Beach Sheriff Office and W. Bartlett (Mech. Forensics Eng. Serv., LLC)

“Data Extraction from Sensory Data Obtained During Driving in Closed Course”

T. Choi, M. Nechyba, E. Schwartz and A. Arroyo (UF)

“Creation and Analysis of a Scenario Based Universal Sensory Driver Layer with Real-Time Fault Tolerant Properties”

D. Schoenfeld, J. Tulenko and J. Wang (UF)

“A Radiation-Hardened Encoder for Robotics in Radiation Environments”

Session FA2:              Vision 2

J. Anderson, M. Nechyba, A. Arroyo and E. Schwartz (UF)

“Using a Bayes Classifier to Draw the First Down Line on a Football Field”

V. Trinh, E. Schwartz, A. Arroyo and M. Nechyba(UF)

“A Color Detection Method for Introductory Robotics”

S. Todorovic, M. Nechyba and A. Arroyo (UF)

“Image Multiresolution Discriminant Analysis for Vision-Guided Stability of Micro Air Vehicles”

A. Silverman, L. Jimenez, M. Nechyba, A. Arroyo and E. Schwartz (UF)

“Hand Writing Recognition System for Musical Notes”

Session FA3:   Multi-Agent Robotics

M. Selekwa and E. Collins (FAMU-FSU)

“Intelligent Fuzzy Behavior Robotics”

K. Puthur and C. Crane (UF)

“Controlled Deployment of a Self-Deployable Tensegrity Structure”

L. Zamstein, M. Nechyba and A. Arroyo  (UF)

“Text Character Recognition: Identification of Hebrew Letters”

A. Arroyo (UF)

“A Prototype Natural Language Processing System for Small Autonomous Agents”

R. Panez, M. Makeev, A. Arroyo and E. Schwartz (UF)

“A Centralized Associative Behavioral Robotic System”

Session FA4:   Underactuated Systems and Robot Control

A. Jayakaran and C. Crane (UF)

“Enhanced Trailer Backing and Control”

C. Popescu, Y. Wang and Z. Roth (FAU)

“Passivity Based Control of Spring Coupled Underactuated Horizontal Double Pendulum”

J. Clerc and G. Wiens (UF)

“Design of Reconfigurable Multi-Agent Robots for Urban reconnaissance”

Y. Morel and A. Leonessa (FAU)

“Adaptive Nonlinear Tracking Control of an Underactuated Nonminimum Phase Model of a Marine Vehicle Using Ultimate Boundness”

Z. Qu and J. Wang (UCF), C. Plaisted (Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, Orlando FL)

“A New Analytical Solution to Mobile Robot Trajectory Generation in the Presence of Moving Obstacles”





We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Stevens (FAU Dean of Engineering) and the FAU College of Engineering for sponsoring the event.