You probably think C is my favorite language, but I also really like Java. Here are some fun Java programs you can check out:

Puzzle Scramble Game

Fractal Renderer

BattleShip Game

Object Guess

Also, two software applications I have created (both for government) are written in 100% Java. They are stand-alone network applications, used for data recording and analysis. I can't post those programs, but you can read about one of them here.

Why would anyone choose Java?

If you'd like a language with any of these features, try Java! Of course, there are a lot of places where Java just isn't appropriate, such as with microcontrollers, which is why those projects are written in C. I do have a javelin stamp, but I don't like it so much.

And while most Java programs run about as fast as C programs, they sure don't start as fast, plus they require a virtual machine for your platform.

So why am I here defending Java? I'm tired of hearing how slow and useless Java is from people who have never written a Java program. It's like going on about how Russian sucks and how French is so great, when you've never used Russian, or can even speak French all that well. You could be right, but you wouldn't really know any better, and that makes you an idiot. Kinda like the village idiot that no one bothers to argue with because it's such a waste of time. Are you a village idiot?

That being said, I actually learned to program with other languages (Java hasn't been out that long).

2004.01.05 William Summerfield Dubel IV