Network BattleShip Game

This is the popular BattleShip Game! Don't get too excited, I haven't finished it yet. Actually, there is a version that is finished that was the work of a group project. It worked pretty well, but it had some sloppy graphics routines. So I decided to start over from scratch. This is that unfinished project.

Download BattleShip with source code!

To run the BattleShip demo: Download the zip file, and extract the contents to a directory (the sounds and graphics directories need to be there). Double click on battleship.jar, or type "java -jar battleship.jar" at the command prompt.

Screen shot of the Battleship Game running

Okay, so really this is just a sample of simple 2D graphics programming in Java. The routines are straightforward and fast, and it's clear that you can make decent games in Java. Will I ever finish it? Probably not, because my motivation for redoing the original project was just to realize faster graphics routines, and I've done that here.

2004.01.05 William Summerfield Dubel IV