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Honda Motors ASIMO robot has a big brother also

Robots are fascinating because they help form our definition of life by what they are not. We can build robots to emulate life, and in the process learn more about ourselves. Robots show us how complicated the fundamental processes that we take for granted really are, such as intelligence and energy storage. This page is devoted to robots that mimic or emulate living things. I hope it gets you excited about how far technology has progressed, and sparks your imagination of what's possible.

Watch Hector and I build a robot designed by Henry Arnold from the internet! (.wmv/384kbps)
Part One (42MB) | Part Two (30MB) | Just The Finished Robot (8MB)

Here's a paper on Reliable Line Tracking, for anyone needing to track lines with a robot.

Published Papers:

"Subjugator 2005"
W. Dubel, J. Greco, A. Chinault, C. Francis, A. Barnett,
K. Claycomb, A. Melling, E. M. Schwartz, A. A. Arroyo
Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, August 2005

"Subjugator 2004"
R. Panez, K. Dockendorf, W. Dubel, E. Irigoyen, B. Pietrodangelo,
A. Silverman, J. Godowski, E. M. Schwartz, M. C. Nechyba, A. A. Arroyo
Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, July 2004

"An Autonomous Firefighting Robot"
W. Dubel, H. Gongora, K. Bechtold, D. Diaz
Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics, May 2003

Click on the pictures below to see some interesting robots!

Sony's latest entertainment dog can be controlled via the internet. $1500 Sony's latest SDR4 entertainment robot (picture copied from their website)
Sony's SDR3. Realtime balance, image/voice recognition. (Not for sale)
See a video of these little guys (high bandwidth bootleg)

Okay so those are Sony robots, but they are doing a good job and a lot of people don't even know they make robots.
This link takes you to a bunch of homemade robots!

Some things I've learned...

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